A 2017 Update

Finding available time is a commodity that always escapes my grasp – but let me hit the highlights since I last posted.

I’m deep into an office job where I am charged with the leadership and management of facilities, accounting, financial aid, and other roles that are dumped into my lap.


It’s challenging work and sometimes it feels like the other administrators are taking advantage of my ignorance of the customs and boundaries of the office politics. But it pays the bills and I enjoy having my own office.

My passion of coaching basketball is alive and well. Sitting on the bench and learning under coaches who are detail oriented, excellent ‘psychologists’, and tireless recruiters just pushes me to be a better assistant coach.

And without further ado, my favorite pastime of the last half year has been raising my family and welcoming the addition of a beautiful baby girl. I’m usually covered in spit up or urine.

There are other smaller things that have transpired. I canceled a contract with a client because I felt their conditions were unfair and too subjective. I’m in the middle of editing an instructional video. And of course, this blog needs a little jump-start.

Some of you are probably wondering if I have any thoughts on the election. I do, but you’ll never hear my opinions. More importantly, you’re probably wondering where I am with my journey to work from home.

It’s still alive.

If I can work from home part-time with my current position, it would make life sweeter. As always, I want to spend as much time as possible with my family. Working from home will allow my wife to pursue her personal goals while I help take care of the house and kids.


As for the series of The Best Jobs In The World, I’d like to continue it but might have to wait until the end of the basketball season.

I wanted to be sure to provide a small update with where I am. The highlights…

I’m still doing lots of freelance writing – always accepting new clients.
Come cheer on the Earlham Quaker men’s basketball team!
The Chisholm Clan is expanding and we are extremely happy.
I like my office job and just want to enjoy what I do and do it exceptionally.

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