Frequently Asked Questions

I am one to follow the quote: “Brevity is the soul of wit.” But I understand we need a little more detail for those burning questions. Here are the top questions asked by you.

How much does an article or blog post cost?

The cost depends on the length and turnaround, but the cost per article is reduced with a multi-article agreement.

Do you ghostwrite?

Yes! If you want all the credit, I am more than happy to accommodate confidentiality and privacy.

Will you revise any of the work if I’m not satisfied?

Of course. The topic, profile, and length must stay the same, but revisions are done at no further cost. Requests for changes after 10 days will be subject to a schedule at my discretion.

Can I post your writing anywhere?

As far as I am concerned, you have paid for the service and can post it or publish it anywhere you want as long as I am given appropriate credit.

Obviously, if you hired me as a ghostwriter, then you own the property to post or hide away in the shadows forever.

How does the resume consultation work?

You will send me any pertinent information and I will construct a resume and generic cover letter template. Please, be truthful and resist the urge to bend the truth; a competent employer will find out.

If you already have a resume, I can manipulate the original and offer suggestions such as a new template, wording, or removing items.

What is included with the editing service?

I will perform a spelling, grammar, and syntax check on any article or project already completed. I will also offer solutions in improving the authority in the text and fact-checking.

Projects requiring professional or institutional knowledge of specific fields will be rejected unless the appropriate materials are provided.

Will you review a book or script for me?

Absolutely! While I don’t receive a lot of these requests, I’m more than happy to provide this service for you in a format that you prefer.

Can I get a refund?

All services are non-refundable. I’m extremely confident that we can work together to find creative solutions.

Why should I hire you?

I have a wide array of skills and knowledge, and I’ve been using these talents in blogging and writing for six years. Instead of telling you what to do, I will work with you until we have a finished project that exceeds your expectations.

In addition, I’ve grown up in the fast-paced business world my entire life thanks to my family. I pride myself on reading trending articles and news to stay current on best practices.